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FITNESS CUPS™ healthy tips to get fit with a new coffee

Now brew some healthy replacing your daily cups of coffee, tea or barley with healthier beverages containing beneficial herbs, spices and officinal herbal extracts.

Fitness Coffee® more antioxidants

The main purpose of this Website is to offer some good tips to coffee, tea and barley hot beverages lovers to get the best benefits by their daily cups of coffee. With almost 2/3 of the western people overweight, it is no surprise that weight loss diet pills are big business today. The problem is that most of them simply do not achieve any promise of their claims and advertising. Thousands of pills/products promise give energy, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, burn fat and you do not get nothing of these "dreams/miracles" or worse yet, you get bad side effects for your health.

Here we will not suggest hard diets, complicate food supplements and expensive pills, we just suggest to replace the 2 or 3 cups of your daily coffee (or tea or barley) with our healthy Fitness Coffee, Fitness Tea and Fitness Barley, preparing and enjoying them in your usual way and in more getting a better taste.

Fitness Coffee® dietary plan

Some useful tips relating to our dietary plan:

- Fitness Coffee and its 16 herbs and spices may help as appetite suppressant, so, if you have not sleeping problems from caffeine content, try to have a cup after dinner each night. After few minutes brush your teeth: a fresh clean mouth also help you to reduce cravings for desserts, snacks and alcoholic or carbonated beverages before to sleep.

- Fitness Coffee, as every coffee and tea, may act as a diuretic and may cause to lose fluids. To get better hydratation and keep the stomach more healthy and full, we suggest to drink a cup of water after each cup of coffee you drink.

- Avoid to drink coffee or any liquid immediately before the workout, in fact the stomach should be relaxed and empty of liquid before the effort and the movement. The natural coffee acidity during the phisical exercise may lead to an unpleasant stomach acidity. On the contrary a Fitness Coffee cup drunk one hour before your workout can increase energy and alertness, which can help you to undertake a more pleasant effective workout helping also dull joint and muscle pain.

- Using Fitnes Coffee® as help of your weight loss plan do not exceed the number of cups above recommended, in fact a higher consumption increases your stress and insomnia, both of which can lead to overeating: do not forget that a long and good sleep time is scientifically proved helping in weight loss plans.

Is not these great news?

We know that mostly people fuels the body according to personal habits, without much reflection, almost instinctively and that to change their habits, taking some specific food or beverage away, can become an unacceptable problem.

So from ten years our ambitious mission is been and will be to change the people habits at least about the most consumed beverages: we have done scientific studies and extensive researchs, testing for years many formulas and processes with the aim of offering drinks advantageously alternative to those who everyone drinks every day all over the world. And last but ot least you will get more taste and aroma than your usual beverages.

So now we may think to this question:

"There is something we do not want absolutely to give up?" Chocolate, sweets, wine, beer are just some, but more frequently the answer is: coffee or tea (the two beverage most drunk in the world, obviously after the water).

So, as most of people do not like to give up the loved cups of coffee, tea or even barley, at GVM we have created 3 innovative products that can replace them in a more dietetic way, getting more delicious taste, many healthy herbal properties and in more the same methods of preparation (we love our habits and do not like to change method nor brewing machine).

Antioxidants in Fitness Coffee

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FC beans

FC bags

Healthy Sensual Coffee®

Cannabissimo Coffee®, "for ever young people"

Fitness Coffee, Tea and Barley Pods and Capusules

Elelutero in GVM's products

Elettaria Cardamomum in Fitness Coffee

Herbs inf Fitness Coffee® cups

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Simple good tips for our Fitness Cups™ diet fans:

1) Avoid ever the flavored coffees which are usually full of artificial (also if some times called "natural") flavorings.

2) Do not add sugar (saccarose or other sweeteners), use instead Stevia Rebaudiana Grade A 98%. Also do add flavored cream/creamer products. They are made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, corn syrup and other chemicals.

3) Do not add to our Fitness Cups milk, icecream, cream, etc. In fact all dietary products should not be added to coffee or tea, in fact, if you add milk, creamer, etc, any calories you can burn as a result of the Fitness Coffee effect on your metabolism are replaced by these additions. Furthermore there are many scientific studies that not reccommend this habit for a good diet and digestion (FDA article).

4) If you own a coffee grinder, buy our Fitness Coffee® in beans grinding at home according to your machine and taste. However, if you do not own a grinder, it's fine too our ground coffee, well closing the bag after each use and storing it in cold and dry place as your refrigerator.

5) As written above you can buy also ground coffees but, as our Fitness Coffee and Fitness Barley, they should be packed fresh in factory, sealed in triple layers bags and in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). After opened keep the bag tightly closed and in cold and dry place. The oxidation process can be seen easlily every time we peel a fruit or a vegetable: they start turning brown fast. This is due to its exposure to oxygen and moisture, the enemies of freshness and also of the rich anti-oxidants content in our healthy beverages. The anti-oxidants will start to oxidize immediately after grinding, which is OK if you drink the coffee soon after.

6) For family use its suggested to drink daily an average of 2 cups of Fitness Coffee® (drip filter, 8 oz each) or 3-4 if you love Espresso shots: possibly the first during the breakfast and the last after the meal.

Obviously for gym activity and athletes it's different: before and after work out it's good a cup. It is better in any case to wait until you have some food in your stomach before drinking a cup of any coffee, in fact caffeine causes your body to release sugar into your bloodstream which in turn causes the pancreas to release insulin (another good reason to get sugar out!) and then hunger.

On an empty stomach this can cause a sharp drop in blood sugar which can then set up more sugar cravings.

Furthermore, the caffeine in coffee can suppress your appetite causing you to go longer without feeling hungry. This sets up further episodes of low blood sugar and further coffee and sugar cravings. Having food in your stomach will help modulate this blood sugar response and keep those cravings at bay.

Now Brew Some Healthy™

Get full healthy benefits with patented beverages, simply replacing your daily cups:

1) Boost energy levels of body and mind aiding diet;

2) Only premium roasted beans and seeds with selected vegetal ingredients, not instant blend of uncertain origin/quality or with undeclared ingredients with health risks (see news in FDA's related articles);

3) 100% natural and vegetal ingredients of certified origins;

4) The richest aroma and taste deriving from full natural healing herbs and spices;

5) Not necessary to change your habits: brew our healthful blends using your brewing method.

6) Low in substances causing heartburn acid (see caffeine page).

Largest scientific study related to health and coffee.

A huge body of international researchs and scientific tests has found that our loved black coffee, without sugar and cream and better enriched with the Fitness Coffee beneficial herbs, can provide many healthy advantages. An article of the Livestrong Foundation refers the to a scientific study during 13-year of 402,260 AARP members conducted by the National Cancer Institute, which was published among other also in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study has concluded that specialty coffee drinkers were associated with a reduced risk of early death by up to 16 percent. “This is perhaps the most compelling because the study was so large,” says Robert Davis at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health and author of “Coffee is Good for You: From Vitamin C and Organic Foods to Low-Carb and Detox Diets, The Truth About Diet and Nutrition Claims.

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You can find other scientific studies related to great benefits of Fitness healthy coffee, teas and Barley here and also here

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